Thursday, October 25, 2012

World's First Vertical Farm Brings a Tear to my Eye.

World's first commercial vertical farm opens in Singapore

This may seem a little bit silly, but I just read about a real vertical farm in Singapore over at io9, and I actually teared up a little bit. I've been interested in futurism for years. I check out futurist websites nearly every day. These soothsayers promise that the world will change radically within my lifetime. Vertical farms were one of these promises. 
In Singapore, right now, there is a real vertical farm. Its produce is only ten or twenty cents more expensive than regular produce, and it is flying off the shelves. The prices will only fall and the variety will only increase.  There is a real vertical farm in the world right now and it's working!
For a futurist vision to be realized, even in its most embryonic form, is astounding. I look at those plants on those aluminum shelves and think, 'that is how we will feed ten billion people'. Vertical farms will cut down on carbon emissions and allow current farmland to return to nature. They will allow us to yet again avert a Malthusian catastrophe. Because of vertical farms, ten billion people fifty years from now will have a smaller impact on the Earth than seven billion do today. And now, it's real. It works.
This gives me hope that we will weather through our current crises, that other futurist technologies will come to fruition within my lifetime. I feel as if my faith has been rewarded. Who knows, one day I may be enjoying negligible senescence in a post-scarcity society.
I give my heartfelt thanks to the people at Sky Green Farms. They may very well have helped to save the world.

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