Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sanctity of Life

   So a couple of days ago I submitted a fanfic to Fimfiction.com, and it's done fairly well. So far it's gotten a few hundred views, almost fifty likes, zero dislikes and lots of favourites and positive comments. I was of course hoping that it would become a featured story, but now it's fallen from the popular stories listing, so that probably won't happen. Now that it's not on the front page it will probably get lost among the tens of thousands of other stories on the site, only to be occasionally stumbled upon. Still, I should be proud it was a popular story for as long as it was. Most submissions probably never even make it that far.

   I know that writing fanfiction is 'cheating', since you're using characters and settings that already have a dedicated fanbase, but I am nevertheless happy that I was able to write something that so many people liked. I can write good stories, and this experience has confirmed for me my suspicion that one one my main weaknesses as a writer is my inability to stretch a story out to traditional novel length.

   I freely admit that there is a lot of filler in Oath Breaker. The entire character of Pumpkin is purely filler, and there's a lot of conversation. Conversation is not dialogue. One of the great things about e-books however is that there really is no minimum length. Since I originally wrote Thanatos as a screenplay, it was much shorter than a novel so there was no room for filler. For that reason, I'm hopeful it will do better than Oath Breaker, which wasn't doing too badly until it got that singular negative review.

   I am going to try my best to make sure that my first book is my worst book. I will avoid filler in my -e-books, even if that means they're relatively short. Quality over quantity, right?

   You can find my FIM fanfiction here.

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