Sunday, March 10, 2013

Death To Tyrants!

"Rome is full of throats for me to cut!" 

Michael Anissimov is starting to piss me off.

If you’ve been following him on twitter, you’re no doubt aware that this prominent transhumanist and futurist has recently started bashing democracy and promoting benevolent dictatorship. This seems to be coming from a deep seated contempt of the common man, and the exaltation of some imaginary philosopher king. I’m really not going to waste anyone’s time by citing facts and figures about why tyranny is bad. The worst countries in the world to live in are dictatorships, and the most heinous criminals are dictators. Benign dictators are the exception, not the rule, and far too rare to justify dictatorship. It is a scientific fact that power corrupts human beings. People behave themselves primarily out of fear of retribution. Remove the possibility of retribution, and there’s no telling what they’re capable of.  Anyone who sought a position of absolute power in the first place did so out of narcissism and megalomania, not out of any desire to be a benevolent ruler.

There is no single Human who possesses the intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, skill, experience, fortitude, charisma, drive, empathy, and above all morality to wield absolute power in the best interest of all Humanity. Nobody wants to be oppressed. By our very nature, we rebel against dictatorship, which is why they require such violence to sustain themselves. Michael has confused fantasy with reality. When he thinks of absolute power, he thinks of the wise kings and beautiful princesses of our nostalgic fantasy worlds. In reality, the medieval world was a hellish nightmare and there is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. Princess Celestia doesn’t exist.

I believe strongly in democracy and egalitarianism, that power should be distributed as evenly as possible. Representative democracy doesn’t go far enough. Half of the United States Congress are millionaires, and they all make at least six figures a year.  These people can’t truly relate to the poor, who are completely unrepresented. In a direct democracy, where all legislature is decided by referendum of the electorate, everyone would have a fair voice.  The People would decide the laws of the land, ensuring they were just. 

Mr. Anissimov, royalist that he is, balks at such equality. He doesn’t think that you’re smart enough to survive without an oppressor. He’s wrong. The Wisdom of the Crowd is a well-documented phenomenon.  When a large number of people are polled on a particular question, the average answer is usually right. The larger the electorate, the more accurate the answer is. I don’t doubt that the general populace can decide laws just as wisely as any ivory tower parliament or mad king.

Humanity has no king. Humanity needs no king. Demand direct democracy, and seize the power that is rightfully yours. Oppose tyranny until your dying breath.     

"People shouldn't be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." 

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