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The Insomnia Labyrinth

Preamble: I've published a cyberpunk e-book called Blue Pills which is set in a Simulated Reality that basically functions like a hyper-realistic MMORPG. One of the levels of this reality is a survival horror game called the Insomnia Labyrinth. I wrote an SCP file for the Labyrinth and added it to the book as an appendix mainly for fun, but I thought that maybe some people might find it interesting as SCP fanfiction. I never tried submitting it to the SCP wiki because I felt it was too firmly entrenched in my own world and didn't fit well enough into the main Foundation universe.Give it a read, and if you like it think about taking a look at the book itself.  

Item #: Site Theta 7, “The Insomnia Labyrinth”
Object Class: Thaumiel
Special Containment Procedures: Site Theta 7 must be kept under Foundation surveillance at all times to monitor for containment breaches. Mobile Task Force Theta 7 (aka The Mountain Goats) is to be stationed on site for recapture, processing new internees, search and rescue within Site Theta 7, and escorting expeditions. No civilians are permitted to reside within five kilometers of Site Theta 7. A warning sign informing trespassers of the hazards within must be posted outside of the site’s entrance. No further dissuasive action is possible, due to the action of SCP-Theta 7-01.
Description: Site Theta 7 appears to be a solitary mountain approximately 4.5 kilometers in height, located within the xxxxxxxxx Forest. It is vaguely pyramid in shape with steep sides, and is composed of dark gneiss rock. The interior of the mountain however consists of an extensive network of tunnels and chambers, both natural and artificial. The interior is significantly larger than the exterior, and the tunnels will often shift and distort, seemingly for the explicit purpose of preventing escape. It should be noted that Site Theta 7 appears to work much more actively against entities it perceives as a threat to the outside world. While earlier expeditions have found teleportation as an effective means to circumvent the site’s spatial anomalies, following Incident Theta 7-99/Vega teleportation devices no longer appear to function and their use has been discontinued. 
There is only one entrance into Site Theta 7, and all attempts to drill or blast either in or out of the mountain have been unsuccessful.
Site Theta 7’s entrance is presided over by an entity designated as SCP-Theta 7-01, and refers to himself as Aglet. SCP-Theta 7-01 is an anthropoid, similar in size and build to an adult male chimpanzee. Subject possesses toad-like skin, yellowish and claw-like nails, bat-like ears, yellow eyes, a goblin-like nose and a wide mouth with numerous pointed teeth. Subject claims to be the Guardian of the Insomnia Labyrinth (his term for Site Theta 7), and to have a degree of control over its spatial anomalies (to date SCP-Theta 7-01 has been uncooperative with testing, and so these abilities are unconfirmed). While warning individuals of the mountain’s dangers, he will also tempt them with promises of treasures within. Expedition teams have confirmed the presence of both hostile creatures and valuable objects within the Labyrinth. While the promise of riches seems to be primarily for the purpose of luring victims into the Labyrinth, to date SCP- Theta 7-01 has always permitted individuals who have escaped to keep any treasure they were able to recover. It is not known at this point why SCP-Theta 7-01 attempts to entice individuals into the mountain. As there is no apparent practical purpose to this, his motivations are presumed to be purely sadistic.
According to SCP-Theta 7-01, Site Theta 7 was created “By the Eldritch Gods of Yore to imprison the greatest abominations that had once ruled the Earth, so that Humanity might have a fleeting age of dominion before the stars aligned once more and plunged the world back into madness and despair,”. Any attempts to extract more prosaic information out of him have been unsuccessful.
Upon discovery, Site Theta 7 did contain multiple anomalous entities and objects, which have since been catalogued by research expeditions. Once the Labyrinth’s suitability as a containment site was verified, numerous Euclid and Keter class SCPs have since been relocated to Site Theta 7, and re-designated accordingly. SCP-Theta 7-01 is in general quite co-operative with the Foundation in containment efforts, and has yet to refuse to accept an SCP. Despite his apparent sadism for those who voluntarily enter his Labyrinth, SCP-Theta 7-01 appears to take his duty as Guardian seriously, and has actively assisted Foundation personnel during containment breaches.    

Below is a list of the twelve most notable SCPs contained in Site Theta 7.

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-02, “The Minotaur”
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SCP-Theta 7-02 is a large Humanoid entity, approximately 1.9 meters in height and an estimated 140 kilograms. It is heavily muscled with a coat of dark brown fur, cloven hooves and a pair of large spiral horns. Despite its great size and strength, it is one of the more elusive SCPs within Site Theta 7. It will typically only attack its victims when they are alone, beating them to the point of disability. It will then bind its victims in chains and take them to SCP-Theta 7-13 (see below).
SCP-Theta 7-02 was discovered among Minoan ruins on the Greek island of Crete.

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-05, “The Zombie Holocaust”
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SCP-Theta 7-05 refers to a collection of Human cadavers originally found in a mass grave outside of a Blood Knight concentration camp following the Crimson Genocide. All cadavers are hairless and lacking any pigmentation regardless of ethnicity. This is believed to be a result of experiments performed by the late Dr. xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Most cadavers suffer from some sort of physical deformity or injury, the majority of which were inflicted prior to their death.
Instances of SCP-Theta 7-05 do not show any signs of post-mortem decay. If any living humanoids come within ten meters of SCP-Theta 7-05, instances will reanimate and attempt to drag the intruders into the pile, where they will become new instances of SCP-Theta 7-05. The number of instances that reanimate seems to depend on the number of intruders, and SCP-Theta 7-05 has been known to remain inert when outnumbered. Instances removed from the main body of SCP-Theta 7-05 will reanimate and attempt to make their way back to the others, converting any humanoids in their path to increase their chances of success. For this reason instances of SCP-Theta 7-05 are all to be contained together.

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-09, “Sarah”
Object Class: Keter
Description: In her passive state, Sarah resembles a prepubescent female of European descent. While her exact form varies, she is always observed to be in a state of severe abuse and neglect. When encountering potential victims, Sarah will feign complete helplessness, claiming she is the victim of extreme parental abuse, often tailoring her sob story to extract the maximum amount of pity from her victim. For example, while her standard story states her condition is the result of a fundamentalist mother punishing her for masturbating, she has altered or omitted this when dealing with victims who possess prominent anti-sexual attitudes. It has been determined that Sarah has telepathic capabilities, which she uses to enhance her victims’ natural sympathy for her to irrational and self-destructive levels.
Upon gaining the sympathy of her victims, Sarah will get them to perform numerous seemingly innocuous errands, such as bringing her water, food, medical aid, or her teddy bear. These tasks will inevitably put the victim in jeopardy, however they will rarely suspect that Sarah intentionally put them in danger. Victims who have failed to complete Sarah’s quests all report the sound of her laughter as they neared death, even when she was nowhere to be seen.
If the victim survives these initial trials, Sarah will enlist their aid in attempting to breach containment. Due to her ability to pass as a non-anomalous Human child and enchant her victims, Sarah is able to frequently breach containment of Site Theta 7 (though not as frequently as she breached conventional containment).  Upon escaping the Labyrinth, Sarah is able to enter her ‘active’ state. Her eyes will go black, her mouth will become wide and filled with needle like teeth, and black claws will emerge from her fingers. In this state she possesses superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to climb up walls and ceilings, and can apportate short distances in a cloud of black vapour. She will immediately drain her victim of vitality, and then flee from the mountain as quickly as she can and attempt to find a foster home to care for her.
When a family takes her in, she will pick off their members one by one, often prolonging the ordeal for as long as possible. These tragedies will only reinforce any survivors’ bond with Sarah, enhancing their need to provide for and protect her. It is not currently known if Sarah sincerely enjoys parental attention or if it is merely a ploy to increase her victim’s ultimate suffering.
Recapture is often difficult, as whole families and even entire communities have been known to fervently defend Sarah from Foundation forces. For this reason covert recapture is preferred. Agents involved in Sarah’s recapture must rate a minimum of 76 points on the Psionic Resistance Index, be medically diagnosed and untreated for Empathy Deficit Disorder, and preferably have a strong dislike for children. To date there has been only one containment breach that did not result in civilian casualties (see SCP-Theta 7-54).
Attempts to inform adventurers of Sarah’s true nature have generally been unsuccessful, as Aglet dislikes us ‘spoiling the surprise’. Aglet does at least sound the alarm when Sarah breaches containment.
That’s odd. I never once used Sarah’s SCP designation in the description. I should probably change that, but it seems so cruel. She’s just a little girl, and she’s suffered so much. – Dr.xxxxx xxxxxxx , amnesticized and reassigned by order of O5 command. 

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-11-J, “The Convenience Store”
Object Class: Safe
Description: SCP-Theta 7-11-J appears to be a completely non-anomalous convenience store located inside the Insomnia Labyrinth. It sells a variety of items typical of such a location, along with supplies and provisions that may be required by expedition members. It is staffed by a family of apparent Korean origin consisting of a married couple, a grandfather, and a teenage son and daughter. The grandfather only speaks Korean, the couple can speak English with thick accents, and the children are fluent in English and speak with American accents.  Though they are rarely all present in the store at the same time, Foundation researchers have yet to determine where they are during their regular absences, as they have never been observed leaving the store (See Addendum A). They simply appear or disappear when the store is vacant, during which times surveillance devices invariably fail. All attempts to forcibly extract members of the family have resulted in the mother (who will appear if not already present) fending off the attackers, regardless of the seeming impossibility of the task. Individuals who attack family members will be permanently banned from the store and unable to re-enter under any circumstances.
Upon being questioned about why and how they set up or maintain their business inside the Insomnia Labyrinth, the family appears oblivious to the anomalous nature of their environment, beyond it being somewhat of a bad neighbourhood. They also appear to believe it is the early twenty first century, as they claim to be refugees from the former North Korea. Any attempts to dissuade them of this delusion are meant with utter dismissal.   
SCP-Theta 7-11-J will sell to its merchandise to both adventurers and SCPs. Sarah frequently has her victims buy her candy from the store, often adding some line about how her mother said she didn’t deserve candy even though she always did all her chores.
Addendum A: The daughter (who has identified herself as Yoon-Ji) often appears bored with her tasks, and when she is alone in the store can be persuaded to abandon her post and leave the store in pursuit of adventure. She is particularly persuadable by other teenagers, especially attractive males. She will be suspicious of older adults attempting to get her to leave. She has proven to be very helpful to adventurers in the past, and is seemingly invulnerable to death or injury (which she does not acknowledge, often confabulating implausible explanations as to how she avoided harm).
Addendum B: DO NOT BUY THE LOTTERY TICKETS. EVERYONE WINS THE LOTTERY. YOU DO NOT WANT TO WIN THE LOTTERY. Any further information would constitute a memetic hazard.     

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-13, “The Torture Chamber”
Object Class: Keter
Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-14, “The Carnies”
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SCP-Theta 7-14 is a population of apparent Human beings, dressed in the manner of circus performers, carnival workers, and similar professions of various time periods. Though they appear to be completely ordinary Humans, other SCPs inside the Labyrinth will not engage them without provocation, and some even actively fear and avoid them. Instances of SCP-Theta 7-14 are in the service of SCP-Theta 7-13, and will abduct victims for it and are tasked with other nefarious duties. They maintain several auxiliary chambers throughout the Labyrinth, where victims are subjected to relatively conventional forms of torture.          

Item #: SCP- Theta 7-29, “The Silent Stalker”
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SCP-Theta 7-29 is an albino reptilian creature, mostly bipedal and roughly the size of a large Human. A more detailed description is not available as no Foundation personnel have ever observed SCP-Theta 7-29 at close range. As its nick name would suggest, SCP-Theta 7-29 will quietly stalk adventurers for prolonged periods of time, giving only occasional audible evidence of its presence. It often manages to hide before its victims look around, who will rarely catch more than a glimpse of it. SCP-Theta 7-29 has never attacked anyone, and the reason for its stalking behaviour is unknown. It is however indigenous to the Insomnia Labyrinth, and was presumably placed in it for a reason. As usual, Aglet has offered no useful information regarding this SCP.      

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-33, “The Devil Fish”
Object Class: Keter
Description: SCP-Theta 7-33 resembles a colossal specimen of the species of Astroboa nuda. It resides in the subterranean lake at the bottom of Site Theta -7. When injured, SCP-Theta 7-33 will regenerate twice the amount of body mass it has loss. There does not appear to be a limit to this regenerative process. A perpetual attack would therefore result in continuous exponential growth that could potentially cover the entire world. SCP-Theta 7-33 is highly aggressive, primarily for the purpose of sustaining damage to initiate growth.
SCP-Theta 7-33 is ectothermic, and keeping it a sub-zero temperatures limits the rate of its regeneration enough that its biomass can be culled faster than it can grow back. Cauterization has been proven as an effective method of preventing limbs from regenerating. Whenever SCP-Theta 7-33 mass exceeds XXX tonnes, a specialized task force is to cut it back down to XXX tonnes immediately. Care must be taken not to reduce its mass to below 12.5 tonnes however, as this risks triggering the creature’s ‘survival mode’, resulting in (DATA EXPUNGED). Note that tissue severed from the main body of SCP-Theta 7-33 will not regenerate, and is to be incinerated unless a Level 4 researcher has requested it for experimentation.

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-54, “Sir Roderick the Valiant”
Object Class: Thaumiel
Description: SCP-Theta 7-54 is a sapient and fully animate plush teddy bear with honey brown fur. He stands thirty centimeters tall, carries a wooden toy sword, and speaks with an aristocratic British accent. He is not contained at Site Theta-7, but rather volunteered for indefinite ‘Keter duty’ to aid any innocents who might require his assistance. Despite his size, his strength is at least equal to that of an adult Human male. He can jump several meters in height and has been clocked running at speeds in excess of twenty kilometers an hour. His sword is also capable of inflicting significant damage on adversaries.
SCP-Theta 7-54’s personality is best described as chivalrous. He identifies as a knight and will strictly adhere to his knightly code. He has proven extremely co-operative with Foundation personnel in keeping Site Theta 7’s SCPs contained. He was initially discovered during one of Sarah’s containment breaches. Sarah attempted to kill the resident child and take her place, but was easily defeated by Theta 7-54 (who is notably immune to psionic influences). Upon learning about how many ‘monsters’ there were that needed to be contained, SCP-Theta 7-54’s original owner (now agent Arella Snow and currently assigned to SCP-Theta 7-54) tearfully but bravely offered to let the Foundation use SCP-Theta 7-54 in containing dangerous SCPs, insisting that he was the bravest little teddy bear in the world and that we needed him more than she did.
Both agent Snow and SCP-Theta 7-54 state that Roderick was originally a non-anomalous teddy bear. Before leaving for war against the Blood Knights, Arella’s father gave Roderick his toy sword and promised his daughter that the bear would protect her while he was away. Agent Snow’s father was killed in battle, and shortly after a Blood Knight Purification raid assaulted Snow’s village. When they knocked down her door with the intention of slaughtering her and her mother, SCP-Theta 7-54 spontaneously animated and drove the invaders away. Agent Snow believes SCP-Theta 7-54 is the re-incarnation of her father, though Roderick possesses no explicit memories predating his becoming sapient, and insists he is only a little teddy bear.
Agent Snow still maintains that SCP-Theta 7-54 is the bravest little teddy bear in the world.            

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-77, “Arakanthropes”
Object Class: Euclid
Description: SCP-Theta 7-77 is a humanoid species indigenous to Site Theta 7. Instances of SCP-Theta 7-77 are approximately 1.5 meters in height on average, rarely exceeding 50 kilograms in mass. They possess secondary forelimbs emerging from their knee and elbow joints, and each limb terminates in a three digit, prehensile paw. They are covered in Tarantula-like hair and can produce spider’s silk from a pair of spinnerets located between their rear legs. They are obligate carnivores and have multiple rows of barb-like teeth in their mouths, as well as a forked tongued used for smelling. Each instance of SCP-Theta 7-77 has a seemingly random number of ocelli, no two of which are ever the same size, placed in a haphazard pattern unique to each instance. Most unusually, the bodily fluids of SCP-Theta 7-77 are all highly acidic, which they use for both hunting and defence.
There is singular colony of SCP-Theta 7-77 contained within the Insomnia Labyrinth, the population of which varies wildly due to their high rate of both mortality and natality. The species is mostly eusocial, however they do not possess a Queen. All females are fertile and will lay their eggs into a single nest. Offspring are reared co-operatively by both genders. At any given time the majority of the colony resides at their nesting site, which appears to be the ruined construct of a yet to be identified civilization. The reliefs on the wall may indicate that the builders worshipped SCP-Theta 7-77. In depth study of the site is not currently possibly due to the aggressive and territorial nature of SCP-Theta 7-77.
At any given moment there are typically one to two dozen scouts out hunting or scavenging for food to bring back to the colony. Scouts have been known to herd live prey back to the colony as well. Instances of SCP-Theta 7-77 however are not very intelligent, and frequently die in altercations with both adventurers and other SCPs. Previous incursions upon the nesting site have resulted in high casualties to the species, but their numbers have always recovered in a matter of months.
To date there is no known case of any instance of SCP-Theta 7-77 breaching containment of the Insomnia Labyrinth, and attempts to recover live specimens for study have all resulted in failure. The species appears to be specifically adapted to survival within the Insomnia Labyrinth, and is not able to survive outside of those unique conditions. It has been speculated that SCP-Theta 7-77 may have evolved within the Labyrinth, explaining why no other colonies have ever been discovered. Research into this area is ongoing.          

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-86, “Nostrus the Obliterator Coppertop”
Object Class: Apollyon Neutralized
Description: SCP-Theta 7-86 is a colossal humanoid standing over a kilometer in height at the time of this writing, and growing at a rate of 1 percent per year. This growth appears to be sustained by an extropic reaction occurring inside the entity.
SCP-Theta 7-86’s surface absorbs 100 percent of the light it receives, making its body appear to be a black void in space. It has a pair of fiery red eyes, multiple rows of sharp teeth in its wide mouth, and a long pair of horns on top of its head. 
SCP-Theta 7-86 has a perpetual negative electric charge (see addendum), and is capable of producing electrostatic discharges equivalent to natural lightning strikes. It can also exhale plumes of superheated plasma at high velocity. Its voice is over 200 decibels, and thus fatal to all in its immediate vicinity.
SCP-Theta 7-86 was cast into the deepest pit of the Insomnia Labyrinth centuries ago, at which point it was only man sized and capable of being subdued. Although its origins are not known, reports from the time indicate that it wrought perpetual destruction on everything around it, never stopping for rest or sustenance, delighting in the screams of terror and suffering. Modern analysis of the entity suggests that its disposition hasn’t changed. In under a century, it will be too big for its pit to contain it, at which point it is believed it will break out and rain down unprecedented devastation upon the world until Humanity is extinct. 
SCP-Theta 7-86 is completely invulnerable to any kind of damage, and there is no known method to contain it when it breaches Site Theta 7. An XK class end-of-the-world scenario is presumed inevitable.
Addendum: It is said that all demi-gods have their Achilles Heel, that every Superman has their kryptonite, each dragon a soft spot on their belly. We have found Nostrus’s. By entangling him in a web of superconducting cables we are able to draw electrical energy faster than it can be replenished by the extropic reaction. Growth has not only ceased, but reversed. He is shrinking at a rate of nearly ten percent a year, and we believe the extropic reaction will be completely depleted in a matter of decades, permanently neutralizing Nostrus.
He is weak now. His voice is no longer fatal, and indeed is barely audible at times. No longer does he thrash and howl in his pit. He lays slumped in his prison; muttering, cursing, weeping. He was an Eldritch Giant, a force of destruction against which Humanity could not hope to survive or escape, and we have rendered him impudent with a little superconductive wire. He has become the living embodiment of why Darkness should fear the Light. 
Secure. Contain. Protect.
How many times do we have to tell you people to keep these things clinical? – O5H

Item #: SCP-Theta 7-99, “Idolum”
Object Class: Keter
Description: SCP-Theta 7-99 is an entity composed of a viscous black substance, capable of alternating between an amorphous and humanoid form. The humanoid form is approximately 2.7 meters tall, emaciated and elongated with a pair of prehensile skeletal wings emerging from its back. It wears an expressionless porcelain mask, which is bonded to the body on a molecular level and cannot be removed. SCP-Theta 7-99 remains animate in its amorphous form, which it will use to its advantage when needed.
SCP-Theta 7-99 is largely immune to physical damage, and possesses nearly unlimited strength, speed and agility. He induces a profound sense of dread in all who perceive him, immediately inducing a flight or fight response. He will often prolong his hunts, and prefers to capture his victims alive and secure them in his lair. He will subject them to psychological abuse and nightmarish hallucinations, and will always deprive them of sleep. This behaviour will continue until his victims lose their minds, at which point he will discard them and go hunting again.
Any individuals who escape from SCP-Theta 7-99 will be stalked by him, however he rarely attempts to recapture these escapees. Instead his stalking behaviour will intensify over a prolonged period of time until the victim is wholly unable to sleep and suffers from insomnia induced psychosis. He claims the point of this is to show them that they were never really free.
Although these stalking instances have been greatly reduced since SCP-Theta 7-99’s transfer to Site Theta 7, Idolum is still capable of breaching containment. While the spatial anomalies present a significant obstacle to him, he has become quite adept at ‘tailgating’ adventurers as they make their exit from the site.
While most other entities within Site Theta 7 avoid SCP-Theta 7-99, he and Sarah appear to be on amicable terms. They have been known to hunt together, share each other’s victims, aid one another in escaping, as well as apparently just socialize with each other. Idolum is not under Sarah’s enchantment, as testing has confirmed he is immune to psionic influences. Testing to see if Idolum simply had a soft spot for children resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The exact nature of the relationship between Idolum and Sarah remains unknown at this time. 
Addendum:  Incident Theta 7-99/Vega resulted in SCP-Theta 7-99 not only breaching containment but drastically increasing his abilities and inflicting terror and destruction on a mass scale. Although he has since been recaptured and had his power returned to its original level, this incident should stand as an example of what SCP-Theta 7-99 is capable of. He is without question the most dangerous SCP contained in Site Theta 7, both willing and capable of initiating an XK class end-of-the-world scenario should he ever remain free for a protracted period of time.       

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